Fiscal Essentials for Children's Services Forum

Davis—May 20, 2008


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Opening Keynote: The View from Sacramento
John Wagner, California Department of Social Services

Child Welfare Outcomes in Counties
Lori Clarke Balzano, Convergent Horizons Consulting
Child Welfare Outcomes in Challenging Times slides

Keynote: The View from Washington, D.C.
Jerry Friedman, American Public Human Services Association

Panel Discussion: Challenges, Innovations and Best Practice in Counties
Beth Robey, Director, Colusa County Department of Health and Human Services
Regina Armstrong, Orange County Social Services Agency
Bethany Christman, Kern County Department of Human Services
Laura Coulthard, Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services
Family Resource Centers
Leo Levenson, City and County of San Francisco Human Services Agency
Linda Orrante, Solano County Health and Human Services Department
Patty Smith, Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services
Children's Strategic Initiatives