About Custom Training and Professional Services

These are extraordinary times. Human services agencies across the country are stretching the safety net to catch more clients, many of them seeking public assistance for the first time. In California, persistent state deficits pressure public agencies to rethink what and how services are provided. Locally, counties deal daily with diminished resources and expanding need.

For more than 30 years, the Center has helped agencies respond to policy and practice changes across the disciplines and practice areas of human services.

Here to help agencies change, adapt and serve

Our job at the Center is to support human services professionals and agencies.

At the individual level this can mean organizing training in the technical knowledge, interpersonal skills or concepts and practices of leadership.

At the organizational level it can mean helping agencies respond to changing conditions by rethinking business processes, retooling services or preparing for changes in the workforce.

Regardless of the form of support—training, consultation, planning or research—our aim is to help agencies strengthen delivery of services.

Customized to the unique circumstances of each organization

All Center training and services take into consideration the unique circumstances of the sponsoring organization, local values, agency practices and the experience level and program background of participants.

In working with agencies, we listen for needs—knowledge, support or change. We connect to resources—instructors, consultants or researchers. We cross disciplines and bring together people who serve common clients and communities. We build a customized response, whether an agency needs training, consulting or another service. And we follow through in every detail of implementation.

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